Zero Waste Packaging

No microplastics, no residue, no waste

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What is Telobag ?

Bags that don't cost our home

Telobag is made of ingredients which are individually harmless to the environment, and together, they form a beautiful sustainable packaging.

Cassava Roots
Cassava is a root vegetable rich in starch and a staple ingredient in Southeast Asian countries. It is similar to yam and sweet potato.
Colourless, odourless liquid which is prevalent in skincare products such as soaps, moisturisers and sometimes, cough syrups.
Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH)
A harmless and water-soluble synthetic polymer, present in small amounts. One of its uses currently is pharmaceutical industry to bind substances.
Environmental-friendly Ink
Our inks make up less than 1% of the total mass. Our inks are mostly organic, except for black and white, which contain minuscule traces of anorganics.
Food colouring
Food-safe colouring is used for the base colour of our bags, making it safe for the environment too.

See it in action

Seeing is believing

At the end of its lifecycle, Telobag can be broken down and decomposed by both micro and macro organisms.

Biodegradable and Compostable

If Telobag is used only for organic stuffs such as food, organisms digest not only Telobag, but also the food waste inside, resulting in literal zero waste.

Decomposes in 180 days
Using the Takakura composting method, Telobag has been shown to disintegrate in 180 days.
Releases food instead of poison
When Telobag breaks down, it will split into little pieces of starch which are safe for plants and animals to consume.

Designed with marine animals in mind

All of Telobag's ingredients are water-soluble and do not harm the environment.

Telobag is hydro-philic, which means it disintegrates in water. Hence, it will disappear before making its way into the marine animals. Even then, Telobag is safe for them to consume.
0% Microplastics
Telobag is 100% plastic-free, and thus does not release microplastics into the ocean.

What is hydro-philic ?

Telobag dissolves in water

This means that Telobag requires a little more thoughtfulness to use.

In the video where animals were consuming Telobag, we mentioned the term hydro-philic. Hydro-phillic means that Telobag disintegrates and dissolves when exposed to a large body of water.

This is one of Telobag's strengths in combating the marine waste issue, but this also forces us to be more careful in handling Telobag. Hence, if you are disposing food waste, try to dry it before placing it inside the bag.

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